"destination Folder Is Not Empty. Add Anyway?" Prompt Loops

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Sorry if this issue has already been posted on but I'd like to ask if there's any fix for this issue where I'd like to resync a folder that has the same contents on my system from my RasPi that is also running Sync so as to seed any future transfers. So when I try to add the file on my system, the prompt that says "Destination folder is not empty. Add anyway?" just keeps looping even though I clicked ok. Not sure whether it happens for anyone else too but certainly didn't have any issues on my Windows PC when i did the same thing :o


Sorry if this isn't specific enough but I'd be more than happy to answer any questions to help solve this bug ((if it is one)).



My current system:

OS X Yosemite


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I have the same issue. It's much faster for me to create a mirrored drive, take that drive to a remote location on the LAN, and set up the sync there.


I don't want to sync 2 terabytes of data over a LAN. Is there a way I can copy the initial drive, and then hook it up some where else and begin a sync to keep it up to date. I run a video production company, and I would like to set it up so I can get project files locally in several locations, so it can be accessed and edited in several locations, then sync, without having to pull every file off of my central server.

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I'm having the same dialog keeping popping up on Android. I needed to cleanup the mess that BTSync 2.0 made with my folders after upgrading from 1.4, so I disconnected everything and I tried to reconnect everything cleanly. I removed the .sync directory from the Android, but it wouldn't help.

Arrgh, after removing directory on my Android and trying to add it from shared QR code, BTSync crashes every time. :(

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