[Solved] Windows Explorer Favorites Link Removal

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Since upgrading to version 2.0.120 on Windows 8.1, a link to the BitTorrent Sync folder keeps appearing in the Favorites folders list in Windows Explorer. Whenever I remove the link, it reappears on restart.


How do I make it stop?




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Hi there,


I experienced the same problem with the reappearing BitTorrent Sync icon in the Favorites list of the Windows Explorer.


Deleting it and a reinstallation of BitTorrent Sync didn't help <_<


What worked for me: In the Windows registry, there are some entries under [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BitTorrent\Sync]


- (Standard)

- ShellExtensionPath64

- ShellExtensionPath86

- ShellMenuSharingEnable


In my case, there was another entry called: "StoragePath"


I removed the "StoragePath" entry and the icon from the favorites. Since then it didn't reappear.


Hope that helps ;)

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Thanks for finding this! It was definitely not our intention to force this on you, or to have it reappear if you remove it. Thanks for finding a workaround while we are working on a fix. 


Daniel Erwin

Sync Design Lead

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