How Do I Understand What Bts Is Doing?


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There are some things with Bittorrent Sync 2.0 that are really weird, but I'm not exactly sure whether they are UX problems or programming errors. I've recently reinstalled OS X on my Macbook, and BTS becomes unresponsive and crashes a lot. Connecting and disconnecting folders will make the program crash, for example. That is a functional problem, I'm sure.


However, it also does stuff like this:



I.e., it uses all available processor cycles to do seemingly nothing. The status row is completely empty, nothing is being transferred. Today is day two since reinstalling OS X, and it still hasn't actually started to sync back the content in question, I think. I say "I think", because it's not really telling me what's going on. The event log shows that it indexed something half an our ago. The UI is locked up with the spinning ball of doom (does the UI run in the same thread as the rest of the program logic?).


Overall, I feel like BTS 2.0 has some really great features, but it feels less reliable and it seems harder to understand what's going on than in 1.4, which obscures the great stuff that I'm sure is in there.

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This is weird and should be debugged.


For the crashes: crash reports should be saved to ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports

For the CPU consumption - make a process sample when it consumes so much CPU and send to me.


I'll be happy to help and fix the reasons of both crashes and cpu consumption.

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