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Just want to quickly clarify something...


The documentation says the IgnoreList goes in the hidden .sync file; my interpretation is that it means the /share_folder/.sync folder rather than the /run_path/.sync folder. But I have IgnoreLists in both locations and I'm not sure if that's by design, because of upgrades where the location changed, or if it was something that I just mistakenly did at some point in the past.


What I kind of *hope* is that you can put a global IgnoreList in /run_path/.sync that applies to *all* folders and then a share-specific IgnoreList in /share_folder/.sync and that btsync combines them for the share...


What exactly is the behaviour with IgnoreLists?

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Frankly I'm having enough of a miserable time experimenting around trying to understand the behaviour of this software --- I thought *maybe* it was a simple enough question to get straight, conclusive answer instead of trying to reverse engineer it from observation.

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IgnoreList exists only in .sync subfolders, which are in synced folders. There is no global IgnoreList. The Sync's service folder for Linux-based devices is also called .sync and is stored in the same folder as binary by default. Although, it should not contain IgnoreList inside. I'm really curious how it get there.

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It is entirely possible that I mistakenly put it there in the past; I just don't remember. Also, because the documentation isn't entirely clear on that point (something that could maybe be addressed?), I possibly put it in both locations "just to be safe". However, increasing the number of devices/shares certainly makes that less feasible quickly.


It would be nice if there were a global IgnoreList and a local IgnoreList BTW... But I realize that's a very linuxy kind of thing to do.


It would also be nice if the IgnoreList become a propogated property of the share so that if you edited one, that change would propogate rather than having to try and edit it on each installation...


But thank you for the reply, as always your expertise is much appreciated.

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