Removed File Right After Uploaded File

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I had that happen for 4 of my files yesterday.  I downloaded the file into a folder that I sync using Bittorrent Sync.  Few mins later when I tried to look for the file on my computer and couldn't find it.  Saw in the bittorrent sync history:

Added file IBM/FCM/FCM Overview.pptx

Removed file IBM/FCM/FCM Overview.pptx


So, as soon as the file was added to the folder Bittorrent sync removed it.  Same behavior for 4 of my files.  Couldn't find the file in Trash or Bittorrent Archive.  If I wouldn't have had the need to access the file, I wouldn't even have noticed... SCARY!


What is worse is that for the 2 of the files, Added file...  Removed file... is now even removed from history.  It was in the history right after the event did occur.


Can you please help.

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Are you seeing this behavior just for .pptx files? ...or for all file types?


If it's just for .pptx files, does the behavior occur even if Power Point isn't open/running?


Do you have any other software monitoring your destination folders as well as Sync?

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I have exactly the same problem with several peers. I add severay ordenary jpg files and diffrent files are deleted on different peers as soon as they are received. Mysterious.

There is no other software monitoring the destination foldes.

Is there any update on this issue?


What version of Sync are you running? Is it the latest? (2.2.2)

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