Installation Seems Ok, Sync Or Create Identity Doesn´t Function In Any Way

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Hello Comunity


I use WIN-7 64bit prof, used sync for some years. all ok.

some weeks ago sync updated to Version 2.

My home-pc work well, the Problem is with my Laptop.


Installation seems to be ok.

first start, i can choose "link an existing device" or "this is my first sync device"

if i choose link an existing device i am offered to link per app or insert key Manual. I tried both Versions, sync try to link but nothing happens. I tried switching off my Firewall but anyway it doesn´t work. I can wait until the next day.

Than i tried to use "this is my first sync device" and started  "create identity" and also nothing happens. So no way makes me continue.

I also tried Installation as administrater


many thanks for any help, johannes

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I'm running into the same problem that "Create identity" doesn't work.


I've done a new install to link to an existing folder on another machine. I use separate identities to give myself more control with sharing, similar to 1.4-style configuration. On this computer, which is a Windows 10 64-bit install connected to an old NT4-style Samba domain, when it asks me to create an identity, the "Create identity" button clicks once, but then does nothing.


Any ideas?

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Ah, I've found part of the problem:


[2015-09-04 13:01:09] CRYPTO: PrivateKey: Failed to create container for keys, error - 0x80090345


Anyone know anything about this? I'm on a Windows 10 64-bit computer that's connected to an NT4-style Samba domain. I know the domain thing is old, but it's what we've got.

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