Can't Get Rid Of The Annoying Conflicts! (Ios Photo Backup To Win Pc)

Soul Reaver

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It was all going well until some day the ios camera backup stopped working from an iPhone 4 to a windows pc and I've tried uninstalling and installing stuff but now if finds conflicts and keeps syncing the same exact files with "conflicts" in the end...

I could not fix the problem and yes I've checked the fine name capitalization thing; the file names and the files are the exact same since they have been synced before by the bittorrent sync itself!

and I didn't find preferable to relocate all the photos from the phone and add them back solution to preferable since it's a phone.


Attaching the log file, or can't. How to deal with "my media" thing with this forum? Where can i upload it?

Anyways giving link of it from my dropbox:

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