[Now Implemented!] Encrypted Peers For Sync 2.x


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I have af feature request and it is to add encrypted sharing so the link you share to another person gets the files encrypted, so the other person not can read the files.


but pliz help me to think about how you can get your files decryptet again if you lose its btsync settings, now as it's not just a key to write down longer.



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I'm surprised this doesn't exist as a feature request for Sync 2, so I thought I'd put it in here. I'm a big fan of Sync 2 (Pro version) - am finding it far more reliable and easier to use than 1.4, but I really miss encrypted peers.


I use several different VPS's around the world for redundancy and would really like them to be encrypted if possible. I was using this in 1.4 and it worked well, so would love to see it come back.


Keep up the good work, Sync is a wonderful product.



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