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Origionally posted this query in the BitTorrent Client section, as opposed to the BitTorrent Sync area. Can only hope I won't be flamed to harshly ...


I'm getting the following Sync speeds on a GigaBit LAN


Min 1.6 MBps    Max 6.0 MBps    Avg 2.3 - 3.8 MBps


Would I be totally off-topic expecting around 125 MBps? (when there is no other traffic on the LAN)




2x i7 8GB 256SSD Windows 8.1 Laptops running Sync v 2.0.128(36) connected via CAT6 cabling to a NetGear R6300v2


NoteBook 1 -

NoteBook 2 -


Sync Settings


    uPnP port mapping               enabled

    Receiving & Sending rates    NOT enabled

    lan_encrypt_data                   false

    rate_limit_local_peers            false

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I recently installed BitTorrent Sync and am liking the way this thing works.  There was a little bit of a learning curve but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.


The problem I'm having is really slow download speeds from PC to PC.  I'm using Windows 8 with high speed internet.  When I download to my phone it seems to work a lot faster.  Rates right now are averaging 250 KB/s.


I'm using the trial pro version now and would like to make the purchase.  However, if this is considered fast then I'm going to have to pass.


On a side note I'm downloading from a home PC to a work PC which is on a network.

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That was only until I decided to rather copy directly from the source to the destination, and re-start the sync.


Now I'm only getting between 39 to 42.6 Kbps and Sync doesn't notice the newly added files even after disconnecting an re-sharing


Only because AFTER  4 days, only 411GB of 711GB was synced ... whereas copying directly via USB took but 2 hours.


What's the deal BitTorrent ?

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