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I have been struggling for a couple of months now trying to get 4 QNAP NAS drives syncing about 2TB of data, all of which had been pre-loaded.


Indexing has been a nightmare and never seemed to move forward. For weeks and weeks.


Finally, I found that if I stopped btsync on all but one NAS at a time, it would successfully sync all 2TB in about 12hrs.  Note, btsync had to be *stopped* completely (i.e. I would ssh in and run ./ stop --- not just paused in the UI.


Pausing seems to stop the transfer of files (?) but not the back-and-forth communication about the files and somehow, it seems that interferes with the indexing sufficiently to grind it completely to a halt.

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This is definitely an issue, and broader than just the NAS based clients.


Start-up indexing of large folders is miles quicker to complete on OS X with the client paused.

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I don't know if your issue is being resolved, but it's december 2017 and I still have slow indexing issues. Indexing already took 2 days, and seems to be getting slower by the hour.
I use a 8TB external HDD with read/write speeds of about 100MB/s. And this is not on a NAS, but on a Laptop. So like linenoise stated, it's not only an issue on a NAS.
Also I use the exFAT filesystem, in case this minds.

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