Sync Debian ==> Synology Very Slow

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I am synchronizing a Debian server with a Synology NAS. It works but it is very slow (10KB/s). I am synchronizing 30 GB and the is about 50 files (300 MB/file). 


My NAS is behind a 15 Mega ADSL line and my server has a 1G fiber optic.


If someone knows from where the problem come from.


I am using btsync 2.0 on both.


THank you 

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I have the same problem. Linux Mint with Synology NAS DS212+ with DSM 5.2


From the Synology to Linux Mint BT Sync syncs the files with normal speed (about 5MBit/s) but from Linux Mint to Synology the sync transfer rate is less than 10Kbit/s.


On both device I have installed BitTorrent Sync 2.2.


Before I had BT Sync 1.4 on both device I did not have any problems.

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That low speed indicates that the files on Linus are simply not available for Sync. So please double check it. If doesn't help, make sure that you have 2.2.7 on both, and please send debug logs to support for analysis. Describe your network and folders setup - where folders are physically located, how peers are connected. And mention this forum topic as well. Thank you. 

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