Not Receiving Actual Files, Only .bts Files


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I’m having issues where i am experiencing issues with syncing files and recieveing files. This issue has only occurred in the past few days and i have changed nothing in regards to internet speed. I have tried the classic reinstall, and the only *new* files im reciving are 0kb .bts files, which from what ive read are simply placeholders, but no actual files. I've also tried readding the folders with no luck. I am running version 2.0.128.


The certain issue im seeing is an error that repeatedly appears when i want to sync a certain file which is:


will send files for /Confirmation Files/Peter Hicken 10.07.15 - imported on 13.07.2015 11.36.txt*


but the above file doesnt get transferred.


Any help would be much appreciated as im truely at a loss.


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What happens when you "double-click" a .bts placeholder file? If Sync then downloads the file and removes the .bts extension then your Sync is operating in "selective sync" mode, and you'll need to toggle the folder's "Sync All" to ON - that way files will download instantly instead of waiting for their .bts placeholders to be double-clicked first.

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