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Hi everyone,


Having some issues setting up BTSYNC on my devices. Can someone please explain to me if the following is possible as it use to be in version 1.4 but doesnt seem to be in 2.0. Note: below is a example of my situation only.


I have 5 devices in total:


1) NAS - Will hold all data including folder 1, folder 2 & folder 3

2) Desktop - Will only sync folder 1 from NAS/BTSYNC

3) Mobile - Will only sync folder 2 from NAS/BTSYNC

4) Tablet - Will only sync folder 2 from NAS/BTSYNC

5) Laptop - Will only sync folder 2 & 3 from NAS/BTSYNC


Can anyone tell me if this is possible? In version 1.4 I use to add folder 1, 2 & 3 from my NAS into BTSYNC and then manually share a key with each device depending on which device I wanted to have data and it automatically kept in sync. Now I need to add all devices to NAS and have all devices hold the same data. This is not possible as I have 600GB of data and no phone or tablet has that much capacity. I know that you can change a setting to ensure devices connect and not sync however this is not practical due to security reasons. If I was to have personal information in folder 1 and my mobile, laptop or tablet was to get stolen a person could simply sync down my data in folder 1 from either my NAS or Desktop and I would be at risk. This is why I want to manually connect each device to a specific folder so that I can limit what mobile devices have access to my files.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Many thanks all,



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Hi Jamie,


If all your 5 devices are united under one identity - you can't hide the folders. Indeed, some of them may stay in "Disconnected" state, but are still visible and available to get synced in couple clicks / taps.


You can make separate identities to all your devices. In this case, folders won't propagate automatically between identities and you'll need to share them with links right as you did in 1.4.

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Hi there, yes! Finally some one replied, thank you!


I did work out a way, i added the folder to my btsync on freenas and then manually connected the device I wanted to see that folder. It works well. 


Final question, I notice that in order for devices to find one another they must be on the internet and sync with btsync servers. Is there anyway to disable this and have them find one another across a LAN only. I am very security anal and its important that BTSYNC does not connect with any third party servers to share identity information.


Thank you very much.

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Hi GrilledSandwich,

Glad you were able to get the folders propagating in the way you wanted. 


You should know that we take great care to make sure that when your devices connect to our tracker server, we are collecting as little info as possible, as we don't want to have any idea what your are syncing nor with whom :)


However, we know that the only way to be sure these days is to do it yourself, so we encourage you to take this into your own hands and rely only on your own hardware.


Simply go to the folder preferences and uncheck "use tracker server".


You might also want to turn off "Use relay server", though if you are behind any kind of firewall this may lessen your ability to sync. 


See this article for a little more detail:


Happy syncing!

Daniel Erwin

Sync Design Lead

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