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BitTorrent Sync on my Synology NAS sync's the folders I have connected just fine but recently I have been unable to login to the user interface when I access the web interface of my synology diskstation.  I have tried to ssh in to check the config file but the ssh program tells me "unknown user btsync"


Anyone know how I can get access to my BTSnyc user interface?




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There is no "btsync" user in official package on Synology (though it was in unofficial SynoCommunity package). Sync runs under Admin account, so follow instruction below:


1. Shut down Sync using Synology webui

2. Login as "admin" via SSH

3. Find Sync's storage folder and delete settings.dat and settings.dat old (it should be somewhere in /volume1/@appstore/bittorrentsync/var/). Note that all app global settings will reset, but all folders and their folder settings will stay

4. Run Sync using Synology webui

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