Will Classic Folders Stay Forever?


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I would suspect that "Classic" folders won't disappear anytime soon, not least of all because the Camera Backup feature on mobile versions of Sync continues to rely on a "classic" folder, as does some of the back-end licensing/identity stuff.


However, do bear in mind that if support for "Classic" folders were to ever be removed, you'll still be able to continue using the current versions of Sync which do support them (just as you can, for example, still use Sync 1.4, 1.3, 1.2, etc today)

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We have no plans to remove classic folders. We know that it's useful in cases where you want to have different access levels between your linked devices, and also we see no reason to cut off folders that people are already connected to. 

You can create new classic folders by holding the shift key when clicking the "add folder" button, and connect to them in the "Manual connection" dialog. 

It would be interesting to know how you're using the classic folders.


Daniel Erwin

Sync Design Lead

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At the moment, i use sync mainly as a online backup for some of my customers and my own devices (IT-Service).


Classic folders, read-only mode.

Server does another backup of the synced folders and customers have ftp-access to the folder on the server.




(Only testing at the moment, especially syncing very large files (acronis true image) is a litte bit difficult)


I use classic folders because the setup is easier. I can move or reinstall the server without work on the client side.

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