[Bug] Flicker / Black Blinking Screen On Windows


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Hello btsync community,


I have a very weird bug by using btsyncclient on windows 8.1 on a local network.


When I use a custom made fullscreen app, it doess flicker to black several times every roughly 10/15minutes, which makes it impossible to use it. That disappear if I close the bittorrentsync client.


Any clue or advises to fix this problem ?


Here are the details :

# Conditions

## Hardware

Local network 192.168.0.x/24
11 computer with static IP :
   *Gateway blank*
computer : HP Pavilion 23-p010 All-in-One Desktop PC with Windows 8.1
1 router and switchs 10/100/1000
1 bit torrent sync server on a Synology NAS

## Software

Each computer has a btsync client running synchronized
There is one full screen custom app on each computer

# Observation

Each roughly 10minutes the screen does flicker (black frame blink during 3 seconds) on all machines
It does not flicker if the application is not full screen

# Tests

If btsync client is closed on every machine, the flicker disappear
By checking the network we found out that there is a stream/flood of SSDP request coming from each btsync client, wich is a local discovery network and that seem to cause the flicker screen

- We tried to block this request in firewalls and windows services
- We tried updating windows
-> Nothing worked

# Conclusion

We had to remove bittorrentsync of all our computer to be able to use them normally with fullscreen applications, which is very annoying.

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