Btsync Slows Transfer Speeds


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Hey Guys - 


I've been using BTSync Pro (paid license) between multiple platforms for a couple of months now and love it... until recently.  A primary sync I have is between my home Windows 8.1 system and a remote (over internet) Debian installation.  95% of the data transferred between the two is the Windows 8.1 system downloading from the Debian one. 


For the past couple of weeks, the download speed has been at ~250kb/s - much lower than the ~2mb/s which it ran at prior to this.  Being a Systems Admin for years, I have tested a variety of things which make it seem to be due to BTSync / it's configuration, itself - not the connection or OS.


Here are some things I've tried:

- I've restarted both systems, my router/gateway, and cable modem

- I can pause the sync, download via HTTP, HTTPS, and/or FTP at the ~2mb/s speed during these times, unpause the sync, and it still downloads at ~250kb/s.

- I verified that the port specified in BTSync (54531) is open on the router

- Verified I'm on the newest release - 2.0.128(36)

- Run various other diagnostics verifying that the bandwidth isn't being used elsewhere (on router (use OpenWRT) and on OS)

- Verified that BTSync's config wasn't set to limit speed


The last thing to do would be an OS reinstall, but as I have a ton of things installed / hosted on the system and seeing as nothing else is having issues; it would be an all day event.  


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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