[Workaround] Update Issues On Win7 Pc With 'standard User' Account

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I have a Win7 Pro PC with two users.  

The main user account is configured as 'standard user' to prevent unnecessary software installations.

There is one 'administrator' account.


I had issues updating BTSync from a 2.0 version to 2.1.

The only way I could seem to reliably get the upgrade install to work was to temporarily change the 'standard user' account type to 'administrator', then do the install upgrade, then switch the account back to standard.


I was using the x64 version of BTSync.

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There is a known issue with upgrading / installing Sync 2.1.1 in non-admin accounts, it is being resolved now. As a workaround you can simply throw Sync binary to %appdata%\BitTorrent Sync folder and run it from there.

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