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i wonder if there is a particular reason why LAN sync speed is only 1/10 of the maximum possible speed? Our LAN speed measured via SMB transfer can sustain 110 MB/s, while BTsync (2.1.1) varies between 500kb/s - 6 MB/s.


Thast what i have already done:

1) disabled "disk_low_priority"

2) increased send/recv buffers from 10MB to 32MB


So is BTsync designed to-be able to achieve at least 50% of a GB LAN ~50Mb/s?


We often have to sync large files and only reaching 5-15% of the possible LAN speed is realy bad, even dropbox LAN sync was able to reach 10-15 MB/s. We where assuming that BTSync will "surely" beat Dropbox inside a LAN, but we struggle to understand what the problem is or maybe our initial assumption was simply wrong?


Anything else i can try?




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I have the same problem. 72Mbps wifi and sync speed between two local computers went maximally at 2.5MB/s. Most of the time much slower. Did it even go directly through LAN? I am not sure if it did not choose some crazy over the internet way...?

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@Andy22, @McVitas,

Try also disabling encryption in LAN. Sync is using LAN to deliver traffic, if it is possible. Also, what is the average file size that you deliver? Smaller files are synced slower.



Wireless speed is highly reliable on how crowded your area with other wifi access points. Could you check the speed of SMB / FTP file transfer between same devices and same set of files?

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Encryption was always disabled, but we gave up on Btsync a while ago. Syncthing was much faster inside a LAN, but had lots of actual sync problems. We use CudaDrive now, which simply avoids syncing altogether and just uses a local cache, which is simpler to handle and more reliably.

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Just downloaded resilio today to try it as an alternative to Dropbox and it is painfully slow.

I have 100/40mbps fiber to the internet (100 down/40 up) and 1,000mbps (gigabit) LAN between 2 PC's

When I go via dropbox, I get to utilize my internet connection to it's maximum capacity.

When I use resilio, I get 1.2-1.5MB/s (12-15mbps)

Up until now, my solution was to use an external 4TB USB3 HDD giving me 200MB/s read and write speed, but it is an inconvinience to connect to one machine, sync with Total Commander, disconnect, connect to other machine, sync using Total Commander. Or sometimes sync using Total Commander over LAN with network shares.
Either way, it results in a "moments" of synchronization that are short lived. Throw in my backup disk I keep off site and efforts to sync that too, it is just a pain. So I was looking for something elegant and intelligent. Dropbox works fine, but at $10/month for a terabyte it is too expensive for personal use.

I was hoping to buy resilio to solve these problems but it is way to slow to be useful.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Have you tried other tools that worked better?



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