Scan And Index Non-Empty Directories Before Starting Sync On Read-Only Peers.

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When linking a non-empty directory on a read-only peer, it would be useful to index that directory first. I sent a preloaded disk to my daughter and when she linked it to my share, it decided that over 1TB of data needed copying, despite the fact that the data was identical and our clocks were in sync. The only way to prevent this was to temporarily give her owner status to force a reindex - not good.

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Munger, usually when add a folder in the Sync it always indexes the folder. And if there are some files, Sync won't transfer them again unless they are different from another peer.

So it is not related with peer permissions.

If you want, you can try to reproduce it with another folder. Although Sync will show you that it is going to transfer files, they won't be transferred if another peer already has them.

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