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After installing Bittorent sync on mac running Yosimite 10.10.3 the Sync window is completely blank except for the black bar across the top. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, uninstalled/reinstalled again...still nothing shows up. I installed this on  my PC and all is well. Anyone else have any similar issues?


I've also created a brand new account on my mac in case its something to do with the account and I get the same result.


Thanks for helping!



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NormKC, there can be various reasons why it affects you.

You can try to close the Sync, delete settings.dat and settings.dat.old files from the ~/Library/Application\ Support/BitTorrent\ Sync folder then try launching Sync again.

If it doesn't help you, you can try to send us logs from your peer according to this instruction and send us sample process with logs. To send sample process please follow these steps:

1. Open Activity Monitor, find Bittorrent Sync among processes and pick it.
2. Click on the gear button and choose "Sample process". Samples will be recorded to an automatically opened document.
3. Save this document and send to us.

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