[Already Implemented] Option To Disable Automatic Windows Firewall Configuration

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I am requesting an option to disable the automatic firewall configuration for Sync.

I have BitTorrent Sync 2.1.1 installed on several Win 8.1 x64 desktops. The application is installed in accounts that belong to standard users and do not have administrative privileges.

Each time one of those users launches Sync, they get a UAC prompt that Sync would like to add an exemption to the Windows firewall. If they click on "Cancel" then Windows explicitly blocks Sync from any and all network traffic. (Without an admin password, cancel is the only option they can choose)

To work around this, I’ve configured a Windows scheduled task that resets the Windows firewall after Sync has gotten itself blocked. “netsh advfirewall reset”

Sync doesn’t actually need an exemption in the Windows firewall in order to function, as long as it isn’t explicitly listed as blocked.

I understand the firewall auto-configuration is convenient for most people, but it makes the application impossible for someone without administrative privileges to use.

Thank you for the great piece of software!

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