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Synology 1812+ Slow Lan Transfers Using 2.0.128

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Recently discovered BTSync in an effort to replace RSync and utilize fast transfers, however, I haven't had much luck clearing 20 MB/s with the Synology directly and CPU doesn't seem to be a bottleneck.


Linux/Windows Host --> Synology 2.0.128 = 20 MB/s max

Linux/Windows Host --> Linux VM 2.1.1 (Synology NFS Datastore) = 80-85 MB/s


Is there something wrong with 2.0.128 specifically that has been addressed in 2.1.1?

I've attempted the following on the Synology:

  • "disk_low_priority" : false
  • "lan_encrypt_data" : false
  • "send_buf_size" : 100
  • "recv_buf_size" : 100

Any other thoughts?




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I have had similar experiences with BT Sync on Synology NAS, NAS to NAS over one hop, 30 MB/s max with LAN encrypt disabled.


I can easily write/read 100 MB/s from these NAS's.. very disappointed, over 3 times slower using Sync, also the speed fluctuates. It's same sync'ing folder with many small files or folder with few very large files. The info about BT Sync said it would be so much faster than alternatives and sync over LAN.


I hope they will resolve these issues in future versions. 

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Are you using the standard or advanced folders? See here for more information


The advanced folders can reduce transfer speeds in some setups. I would suggest you try it out with the standard ones and see what your results are. Be mindful that you don't have to re-sync your data - some people think that but you actually don't have to.


You can also take a look at this article How can I improve data transfer/sync speed?

There might be something in there for you to enhance your speeds further.


Also be sure to run the latest version available on your NAS. Right now that should be 2.2.7.

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