Bittorrent Sync Using Cpu Like Crazy

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Yesterday evening got my new MacBook Pro up and running, installed Bittorrent Sync Pro and enabled syncing of my favorite folders. Ever since my MacBook feels the need to let the fans run. I thought it was another process at first but no - it's Bittorrent Sync alright. I'll attach some screenshots below. The Programm keeps the CPU busy like there is now tomorrow. Is that, because it has to sync so many folders for the first time? Still it shouldn't bring my battery life down from 9 to 1,5 hours, should it? Dropbox - which started syncinc at the same time uses far less energy.


Has someone had similar experiences with Sync?


Using BT Sync 2.1.1



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Sync loads CPU when hashes new files. It could happen when you add several folders with lots of data inside, although it should stop when indexing is done. So, what is the data volume you added on your Mac?


Also, could you please make a couple of process samples when Sync consumes CPU so we can take a look on what is it doing?

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How do I make a process sample?


Right now I am syncing maybe 10 or so folders (may 100GB) into the spankin' new and empty folders on this macbook. So you'd expect not too much hashing since it just needs to copy the files from the remote peers. Maybe the MacBook is crooked, I dunno... This type of fan noise I usually just get when I am rendering.



Ah, I figured it out. Here are three process samples...


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