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When I'm at school, I occasionally want to go ahead and download a file from one of my BitTorrent Sync folders, but since they don't allow you to install any programs (and I definitely would not want all my data on their computers), I used Wamp and Pydio to create a web interface, that I just have to type my IP and a set password to login to all my files. The problem is though, Pydio gets laggy, and occasionally deletes all my files (luckily they are stored in /.sync on the other computers!), so I have to restore them.


What I would like is a way to remotely access my files on a non-Sync installed system, like at school, or the library. Maybe you could build a simple web interface to download specific files and allow us to type our personal IP's and just have us port forward to the computer. Or maybe give us a custom URL to download specific files on our Sync, with a password of course.

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@Moe, installing yet another file sharing program isn't necessarily the best answer since this is a Feature Request topic. Also OwnCloud has it's own share of issues, I run it myself.


Back in 2013 there was a Bittorrent hack called BitBox built on the Sync API that would provide you with a public link to share similar to Dropbox's public share link. I doubt that hack will work for Sync 2.0 but this is something I would like to have on Sync and that I would pay for. Sharing files with other workers to work on then having the ability to push the latest update to someone without Sync would be priceless especially not having to upload to Dropbox or OwnCloud.


In essence, being able to generate a public link with a set expiration or a number of file accesses would be a great addition.

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Yeah I agree with you that it is a valid feature request and also that OwnCloud has it's own issues :>

But it seems that BitBox is not a P2P service though when you have to have a webspace somewhere to make the file accessible..

If there was some sort of magic in the background to make all that happen on P2P basis please enlighten me :D

Otherwise you are out of luck ;-)

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+1 for this ability as well. I work in company where installing apps cannot be done without permissions. The ability to upload individual files or downloading individual files through the web would be a welcome addition. This feature is why I still have Dropbox around as I can just go to the Dropbox website.

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I would like to be able to have web access to each node from any web browser. I would then should be able to browse and the folders/files and view or download files. This would be like Dropbox.


For the nodes running on Linux I can access the btsync service, but NOT the files directly.

On the Windows node, I cannot  access the btsync service or the files externally .

Adding external web access to the files on all platforms would be a great improvement.


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