Blank New Tab When Closing A Notification Box With Linux Version.


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When a notification box appear (ex: hint or change ownership) I then click on the X to close it and, for some reason, a blank new navigation tab open within my browser!?


As far as I know, this issue is present in all version of 2.1.x, including 2.1.3.

** I just experience it with sync 2.1.3 x64 linux


I am using the latest firefox, I don't know if it happen with other kind of browsers.

It's not a big problem but it's kind of annoying!

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Correction... it's not happening with the "change ownership notifications", only with "hints notifications" pop up.


I sure wish I could try with another browser but, I don't know how to force the "hint notification" to appear at will.

If so, I could reproduce the bug easily and see if other browser are affected.


I'm sure that if I do a clean install the pop up "hints notifications" would eventually show up and then I could test it but unfortunately, for now, I have no spare time to debug this issue.


As I said, it's not an important issue, it is just annoying when it happen!

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