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Sync Set Up, Oneway Sync, & Backup

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guys, new here. kinda a computer noob. need a bit of help to set up 

My story:

have about 70gb on dropbox, but 50gb is expiring soon
have 30gb on onedrive (missed the 200gb promo earlier this year)

I use cloud mostly to keep my music library in sync (about 40gb)

Using Samsung Note 3, rooted
currently sync with "folder sync" app


What I want to achieve with bt sync:
Sync music to my android sd [oneway from computer]

(that means if I mess up the files in the phone, it won't affect my collection on my computers)

Upload camera pictures to computer
not really a backup

so that i can delete photo on my phone and won't affect the files on desktop and the other way around, so maybe stick with drop box for now.


have 2-3 computers, but shouldn't be a problem once everything is set up.
Planning to get a NAS when everything set up and running.

My attempts:
For music, I don't seem to be able to choose the save location to save it on my sd card

and the version 1.4 doesn't seem to work the way i wanted.

For picture, I don't have clear indication of when the pictures are uploaded.
and bt sync doesn't seem to sync on my phone and computer if it's not active running.
Is there a sync all button 


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@meeting minutes


For the music:

You can achieve that with Sync. You need to add your music collection on your PC to Sync. Then share Sync folder to your Android device as "Read-only" so your Android won't be able to modify it. On Android you need to deliver it to "/Android/data/com.bittorrent.sync" path on ExtSD card (other locations are not allowed by Android OS for ExtSD).


For the pictures:

You can make a backup from Android to PC, then all pics you delete on Android will stay on PC, and all pics you delete on PC will not be removed from Android. Is that something you need?


For the whole Sync:

Yes, it requires both your peers to be up and running to actually transfer data. For Android Sync loads once per 30 minutes to exchange changed data by default in background, or Syncs immediately if you keep it running on foreground.

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