Damaged Files, Duplicated Shares


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I use an Ubuntu server as my main target for BTS shares. I recently started getting back damaged files from it. 


Amongst other things, I have a wallpaper share, and this is one of the wallpapers from there. As you can see, it's not feeling too well. A lot of the images look like this, but not all.




Checking in on the shares, I now see that there are two "pictures" shares (which is where I keep the wallpapers). One is Pictures, and the others is Pictures (1). Looking into the web admin of BTS on the Ubuntu server, I see that the only share present is the Pictures (1). 


A couple of questions arises: what has happened, why has it happened, and what do I do about it? Will you be needing a log? 

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fnordsensei, there can be various reasons why it affects you.

Yes, we need logs from both peers so we can analyze why it have happened. You can collect them according to this instruction.

Could you also clarify if your peers are united with the same identity or they have unique identities? Have you re-added "Pictures" folder, re-connected it or added that folder into non-empty folder?

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