[Solved] "cannot Link With Device That Is More Than 10 Minutes Out Of Sync" - Same Time & Time Zone!

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I've a laptop and a PC, both Windows 8.1 but one is installed with german language and the other with english. Both are in the same time zone (Amsterdam, Berlin...) but the language difference makes the time look different e.g. 8:30PM vs 20:30.


When I try to connect both systems via Bittorrent Sync, I get an error. See this image for the error and also the time (which is the same on both systems):



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Check  UTC time in Command Prompt : 

for /f %x in ('wmic path win32_utctime get /format:list ^| findstr "="') do set %x

You will see the Greenwich time. It shall be the same for both PCs. Run the command on both PCs with minimal time lag to get more accurate results for comparison. 

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