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I need a shared folder link unattended . I have seen in this configuration file :

"shared_folders" :  [    {      "secret" : "MY_SECRET_1", // required field - use --generate-secret in command line to create new secret      "dir" : "/root/bittorrent/test", // * required field      "use_relay_server" : false, //  use relay server when direct connection fails      "use_tracker" : false,      "use_dht" : false,      "search_lan" : true,      "use_sync_trash" : true, // enable SyncArchive to store files deleted on remote devices      "overwrite_changes" : true, // restore modified files to original version, ONLY for Read-Only folders      "known_hosts" : // specify hosts to attempt connection without additional search      [        ""      ]    }  ]

how I link this device with another?





















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