[Solved] Files Deleted On One End Isn't Being Deleted On The Other End

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Edit: I realised I had to add the folder on the windows machine first, then go to the android app and add the folder there, and it would sync, it sounds weird but anyway, I solved it. Works like a charm now!  :) Sorry for the unnecessary thread.


Hello, I'm having some issues with my Bittorrent sync, I'll do my best to explain:


So, I have a PC with Windows 10 installed running Sync, and an Android 5.0.2 device, also running sync. The problem is that when I delete a file on one device, it's not being deleted on the other device. In other words it is only deleted on the device I originally deleted it from.


This is the settings I use for the folder in question:



Are these correct, if I want a file to be deleted on both ends when I delete it on one end, or am I missing something?



Oh I just solved it, either I'm stupid, or the instructions weren't clear enough  :P

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Yes, if you were trying to delete a file in Camera folder, deletion will not be propagated, cause this is backup folder, this is how it works - changes on PC are not synced since PC is Read-only peer, deletion on the phone is not synced by design of bakcup


If you want two-way syncing - yes, you are right, you need to first add a folder to Sync on PC and then connect phone to it using RW QR code.

Happy syncing! 

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