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I have a surface pro and I'm using bitsync to sync a onenote file on our work server. I've never had an issue syncing onenote across computers but in this case when I edit anything on the surface it duplicates that onenote tab and adds the name of the device eg. meeting notes - xxxx_surface. So now I have twice as many tabs as I need


Anyway according to windows it's a bitsync issue: "That's a typical result of Onenote having access problems on SMB protocol level created by unsuitable synch software."


Anyone had this happen/know if there's a fix? Pretty sure I'm using the latest version of bitsync but I'll check. Thanks

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we'll have it tested in the labs. Can you provide more details on your exact setup, and the steps to reproduce? 

Is your server's folder mapped over smb to your Surface? and at the same time added to Sync on Surface? 

What Sync version you use on both - server and tablet? 

Any details about how things are arranged are much appreciated. You can write them all vis this webform , just don't forget to put this forum link. Thanks. 

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