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I created an identity on BTS 2.0 and recently updated the install to 2.2.


I also installed a new instance of 2.2 on a new machine (raspberry pi).  When I start up the new instance, it doesn't give me the option to connect to my old identity, only to create a new one with a new key


How can I make the new machine recognize my original identity?

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IMO this seems to be a bug.

I know exactly what you mean and I think the welcome screen is just missing the option.

Let's wait and see if one of the Sync Team members knows something about it.


So they have changed the procedure to where you have to create a second Identity first and then link it to your original one - more switch to your original one.


You can follow the steps here:

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Identity connection (and My Devices in general) is not available in Sync Free.

If you are using trial version - you'll need to activate trial on both computers to actually link

If you are using Pro version - you'll either need to activate trial first, or apply key on both your peers before linking.


Indeed the existing flow is not optimal - though we are working to make it

a) convenient for existing users

B) simple and clear for novice users

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And how exaclty, Roman? No, seriously, I have already wasted quite some time on that to no avail. After starting the Sync for the first time on my new laptop, it creates a new identity from the get go. Then, when I try to apply my license file by double-clicking on it, the "new" user steals the license so it reverts to Sync Free on all the other devices. Honestly guys, have you actually tried it after you came up with this "simplified" process? :mellow:



Ok, so the only way for an existing paying customer to reconnect to his existing identity from a new installation is to activate trial and then re-apply the license-file. You have to fix it and fast, unless you want to piss off your existing users in droves.

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Running into this same issue. Here's the head spinning process I had to go through to get it to (sort of?) work:


1. Installed Sync on new machine

2. Download existing Pro license key and open on new machine

3. New machine "steals" Pro license key from existing machine, setting it to Pro Trial mode

4. Link existing identity on new machine, synced folders show up

5. Open existing Pro license key on original machine

6. Original machine "steals" Pro license key from new machine, setting it to Pro Trial mode

7. Folders synced... for 30 days on new machine?

8. Not cool


Please let me know if I've gone about this wrong. The process is not self-evident to me. I'd love to get my new machine out of "trial mode" and respect my Pro license, like it used to, but it seems now I have to play hot potato with the license.

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Please update your license to v2.2 (did you receive invitation to do it?). You are still using old subscription licence which can be applied only on one identity, so step 3&5 happened. And make sure that all your machines are updated with Sync v2.2.

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