Weird Issue: "extra" Photos Being Synced On First Time Linking Phone To Desktop App

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I have this weird problem with the iOS app / windows desktop client sync.


There are 4 items (2 photos, 2 videos) that are being synced everytime I first pair my phone to the desktop app. It's the first time I'm pairing them, so that means everything on my phone should be synced. That's fine.


What's weird is, these 2 photos and videos are not in my camera roll, I can't see them on my photos app. I do know that at 1 point, these 4 items were in my camera roll (these are images from the web that were saved), but I have since deleted them. But it looks like bt sync is pulling them from my phone as if they were in my camera roll. But I don't know where it's coming from.


I can replicate it, everytime I delete the camera upload pairing on my device and desktop app, then relink them, it pulls all photos again, including these 4.


I was wondering, where else is the app pulling images from? maybe I could finally delete them if it looks at anywhere else other than the camera roll? I'm avoiding resetting my phone, as I don't really want to set google authentication keys and install apps again. And everything works fine.


I wonder if anyone has been experiencing a similar issue?

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btsync_user12345, do you mean camera roll backup or shared folder? where do you get those files: on your phone or on PC? do you have another peers except your phone and PC? Maybe you receive photos on your PC from third peer?

I've tried to reproduce it with camera roll, but cannot get pictures back to camera roll from Sync automatically and it is expected, because camera roll backup is read-only folder on other devices so other peers cannot change something on your phone.

But if you mean shared folder you can receive your photos from another peer (NAS or another PC for example).


If you not sure you can tell us which files you get back and collect logs from all your peers?
You can do that according to this instruction.

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I mean camera back up. Basically, I link the phone's camera upload to the PC, so that everything on my camera roll gets backed up to the PC. It does that, but it also seems to pull these 4 old/extra pictures (from somewhere on my phone? or somewhere else?), so what ends up on my camera roll backup folder on the PC is all my photos on the device (camera roll) plus these 4 pictures (which are not on my camera roll).


Would the scenario you mentioned (pulling from third party) still be applicable here? I did link the camera backup on my phone to multiple PCs before, but I have since removed and reinstalled the Sync app on my phone (and on the PC), so I believe those old links should have been broken already (my phone and PC wouldn't be communicating with the other PCs i used to link my phone to, as this is basically a new share). But I will do another check on those PCs I used to link to my phone and ensure sync is disabled there.


I will see to trying to get logs as well. Just kind of busy atm.

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btsync_user12345, thank you for clarification.

Now it is more clear. We'll wait for logs. because they contain your private information, please contact us via this form and mention this topic. Also it would be useful if you tell us file names, which appear on your PC.

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