No Sync From 2.2 Trial To 1.4.111

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After the announcement of policy changes starting with 2.2.x I gave BTSync 2.2.0 a shot, but it doesn't work :(


- I have 3 Macs (Home, Office, Mobile) synced fine (different folder-trees) using 1.4.x

- Now I updated 1 Mac to 2.2.0 and syncing only goes into 1 direction (from 1.4 -> 2.0). 

  -> Folders on the updated Mac show their '1.4' folder-sign

  -> If I add a file to one of the Macs using 1.4.111, sync works accross all devices

  -> If I add a file to the new 2.2.0, nothing is synced to the 1.4.111


How can I fix this? (And no: I can't/won't just update all devices, since I also share a couple of folders with family, who are far away and still on 1.4.111 and I don't have access to their machines.)


Is there a way to sync from 2.0 to 1.4.111 reliably or do I need to go back to 1.4.111? (Can I go back without loosing all my synced settings)?

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Are the folders on the updated Sync 2 - read-only or read-write? 


After you add a file to the updated Mac, restart Sync there, open Peer list and see if the added file is marked as to be uploaded. 

Is it? The it's either this Mac cannot properly read it or other peers cannot download it for a number of reasons

is it not? Then either the file was not even detected by Sync (it might be locked, Ignored) or this Mac is indeed Read-only. 

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Hi Helen,

thx for the hints. I dunno what happened - here's a summary:


- the folders were always read/write (under 1.4)

- when I installed 2.2.0 it showed all folders read/write (in the BTSync window), but I noticed, that the Finder-icon showed a strike-through pen (read-only?)

- I couldn't relink the folder to make it read-write, so

  • I stopped BTSync 2.2.0
  • I created a fresh folder (same name) and moved all data but the '.sync' folder to the new folder
  • re-connected the folder

now everything works again...

Interestingly there is another folder showing the same habit (any other folders (3 more) are fine)...


Very mysterious... - but now it works again (leaving a slightly bitter feeling behind). ;)


thx for your support

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