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Syncthing To Sync 2.2?

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When BTSync 2.0 limited folders to 10 I switched to SyncThing (prior I had been using BTSync 1.x). SyncThing has been doing OK for me.  Indexing is slow on my underpowered NAS (Synology DS213, armv5te), but otherwise things work.


Sync being commerical seems a little better supported and with Sync 2.2 dropping the folder limit I'm tempted to move back, only moving is such a PITA I wouldn't do so lightly.


Has anyone switched from SyncThing to Sync?  How'd that go?

Is anyone running Sync 2.2 on a Synology DS213 or similarly under powered NAS?  (planning on replacing it in about 6 months, but for now it's what all I've got).

Any problems with syncing folders on sometimes connected USB Drive (Mac OS X) back to a always on NAS?




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For personal use I run Sync on DS212 (older and less powerful than DS213) without any issues.  I have about 20 folders, ~100GB, ~100,000 files.  

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Same migration path: BTSync 1.4 - tried the switch to Syncthing - then back to BTSync 1.4 (knowing that is not the ideal solution, because of usability & bugs) - now using 2.2 (and happy!)

  • ~ 15 folders, 4 desktop peers, 4 mobile peers
  • BTSync 1.4 was unreliable, especially with Office files
  • Syncthing was unreliable with completing some bigger folders
  • and Syncthing was a horror in setting up, since each node had to approve the other nodes, for each folder (with constant restarts necessary) ... 8 peers, 15 folders ...
  • Syncthing was also missing the simplicity: what I like(d) with BTSync: just knowing the right key gives me access to the data (so if I am at some distant location and need access, just install BTSync, enter key, and ready - that's not possible with Syncthing)
  • so switched back to BTSync 1.4 and learned to live with the bugs
  • AeroFS was another option that I was thinking of, but never set it up, because some management part requires to run as appliance/VM
  • now switched to BTSync 2.2 and I'm happy again!

Now everything is working as expected for me, and the 10 folder limit is gone ...

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