Synology Receives Changes, But Does Not Send Them

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My Synology is running BTS 2.0.93.


It syncs to Macs running 2.2.0, but I am pretty sure I have seen this even before the recent changes.


Basically, if I am syncing a folder "TestDir" between my Mac and Synology, the Synology will see any changes that I make on my Mac. For example, if I create a file "from-mac.txt" in TestDir on my Mac, it will appear in the Synology "TestDir" folder.


However, if I create a file "from-synology.txt" on the NAS in the TestDir folder, it does not sync to any of my other BTS clients.


Furthermore, if I delete the "from-mac.txt" file _on the Synology_ that deletion does not seem to get reflected across other clients either.


Any help would be appreciated.



Ok, it does seem to send them, it just takes a lot longer for some reason. (Changes from the Macs are almost instant across the LAN, the changes from the Synology took 5-10 minutes. And this is just the creation/deletion of very small text files.)

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You can go into the preferences on your NAS and refine the time sync checks for changes but be mindful that this also prevents the NAS from going into deep sleep when it is idling (eg at night) since it is checking regardless

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