Synology Receives Changes, But Does Not Send Them

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My Synology is running BTS 2.0.93.


It syncs to Macs running 2.2.0, but I am pretty sure I have seen this even before the recent changes.


Basically, if I am syncing a folder "TestDir" between my Mac and Synology, the Synology will see any changes that I make on my Mac. For example, if I create a file "from-mac.txt" in TestDir on my Mac, it will appear in the Synology "TestDir" folder.


However, if I create a file "from-synology.txt" on the NAS in the TestDir folder, it does not sync to any of my other BTS clients.


Furthermore, if I delete the "from-mac.txt" file _on the Synology_ that deletion does not seem to get reflected across other clients either.


Any help would be appreciated.



Ok, it does seem to send them, it just takes a lot longer for some reason. (Changes from the Macs are almost instant across the LAN, the changes from the Synology took 5-10 minutes. And this is just the creation/deletion of very small text files.)

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