[Solved] 2.2.1 License Link Not Working (Linux)

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I purchased the 2.2 license, and the email says


"On Linux, copy the link, and click the “Manual Connection” button in the web UI to paste it."


I did that, but it says "invalid link". My guess is that the link has spaces and other characters, which get converted while pasting into %2B and %3D and such.


Anyway, how am I supposed to convert such link?

Ehm, I don't have even the way to add it on command line:


btsync --license Sync_Pro_Purchase.btskey


was without effect.

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Borph, could you tell us what do you get in the terminal output, when you try to activate the license?

Do you see some messages or errors after applying the license? Is the Sync launched while you try to activate the license? If yes - it shouldn't be launched.

Have you tried to launch Sync after applying the license?


Another way to activate the license is to copy contents of btskey-file and paste it into manual connection.

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