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We are planning to use BitTorrent Sync in our office, to replace Dropbox which is getting too slow.


I was wondering what the best solution is to allow access for remote workers.


I had planned to buy a Drobo or Synology (which one is better?) to keep 'always on' in the office and have a copy of all files synced, but how do I set them up to be accessible over the Internet so remote workers can use Sync normally to get access to files, even when all other peers are offline?


I can't seem to find much information about using Drobo or Synology to sync over the Internet (basically acting as 'the Cloud' instead of Dropbox).


Thanks in advance


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It is quite possible that access by remote workers will work out of the box.  If not check your firewall settings - see some general tips here:


I personally use a Synology device to do just that and it works fine.  Drobo should also do fine, but I don't have first hand experience with it.

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I have a Drobo 5N myself and I am using Sync for quite a long time now and I can tell you that it works like expected.

Although, the design/layout on how you want to have permissions and what shares and all that is up to you.

You can really go super granular or just have it very flat and simple.

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