Sync Interface Very Slow And Using Over 1Gb Memory


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I have a Windows 2012 server with BT sync installed. I am noticing that the interface is very slow to respond, so slow that Task manager is frequently reporting 'Not Responding' for about 1 second, then 10 seconds ok, then 'Not responding' etc etc.


It is very painful to do anything as a single 'click' on an item can take 30-60 seconds or more to respond, making it a joke to do any management.


Please help!!

The server has 16gb memory and this sync version is 2.0


I have several QNAP Nas devices with a similar problem although not quite so extreme....


Is there any way we can manage BT Sync outside the UI, or find some way of speeding up the interface.

Other programs on the same machine are fine performance-wise!


Any help would be appreciated.

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3dee, could you update all your peers to the latest version? If you encounter the same behaviour could you collect several series of dumps and send us for analysis? You can contact us via this form then we'll give you link to upload it if dumps too big for e-mail attachment.

You can collect dumps on Windows according to this instruction:

1. Open Windows task manager while the BTSync crash window is still opened
2. Go to tab 'Processes'
3. Find BTSync, right-click on it and pick "Dump".



Also Sync uses about 1Kb for each entry in database (i.e. for each folder or file you have), so if you have many files it might require so much RAM.

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