Bug: Disconnect In Os X Sync Pro 2.2.1 Deletes All Contents Of Folder

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I am just testing out BTSync 2.2.1 and have come across something very strange.


On one computer I have 2.2.1 and running the PRO 30-day trial on another I am just running normal Sync 2.2.1


If I share a folder between the 2 computers using just a standard read&write folder everything works fine and is synched.


When I want to remove the syncing I right-click in Sync Pro and it says disconnect at the bottom (whereas it says remove in the non-pro version). Once I hit disconnect, all the contents of the folder are deleted.


When I hit remove in the non-pro version all the folder contents stay there as I would expect.


If I share a folder from non-pro to pro as a read&write standard folder, then remove on non-pro and then disconnect on the pro side, the contents dont get deleted.


Why would it delete all the files and folders?


Why doesn't it do that in the non-pro version? This surely cant be a feature, but must be a bug.


Any solution to this? Alternatively how can I downgrade back to non-pro without waiting for 30 days?



Thanks, Armin.

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I wonder if you are using "Selective sync" folders? You can check it by right-clicking (or by folder icon - selective Sync folders show "empty" icon, while "Sync all" folder icons are solid).


If this is your case, then Sync is not actually deleting files. It only deletes placeholders of actual files.

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I am not using selective sync folders. I am using standard folders and syncing all the contents.


I manually downgraded to the non-pro version by deleting the folder in Application Support and when I select "remove" it doesnt delete anything. If I use the Pro version, do exactly the same (ie. share a standard folder) and then select "disconnect" it deletes all the contents of the folder.


For now I have reverted back to the non-pro version for that reason.


Do you need any more info? I think this is quite a serious bug. If it wasnt for TimeMachine the data in that folder would be lost, as it doesnt go into the Trash can, it just gets deleted.

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It's definitely a serious bug. I tried it in several different combinations, it does not reproduce in my lab. It should not happen for sure. I wonder if you can please:

1) reproduce the issue

2) after files been deleted, go to options -> help -> contact support and send a feedback including debug logs. Also mention my name in the message text

3) You'll get a ticket # from our support system. Also send there your settings.dat file (should be stored in ~/Library/Application Support/BitTorrent Sync)


We'll find out what happens. 

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