Won't Start After Power Fail

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The power was cut off from my computer. Ever since then, when Sync starts it crashes immediately. I assume that some sort of status file got corrupted.


Any suggestions on how I can get it to start again?



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It is very likely DB corruption. For the long-term solution you can send us the DMP file for analysis, one mentioned on screenshot. For the short term solution, you can try to clean up your database - just delete all *.db* files. Though I suggest checking your files after that: having no database, Sync will have to rely on mtime of your files only when deciding which files to take in conflict situations.

So if you have some files with older mtime that you copied manually into sync folder. they can be replaced with a files of newer mtime.

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I deleted all the *.db* files, uninstalled Sync (but didn't delete settings) and re-installed. It still crashes on startup, in fact the installer itself crashes.


I have several *.dmp files. I've clicked the "send to developer" button at least once, but would it help if I sent them all? How do I send you a few MB of files?

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