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Like in a post before ( I have an issue with a peer.


This is the story, a pc was broken, so I have to buy a new one and I've installed all the software I need, even btsync. I've started the sync from the source peer to this new one (so folder were blank), the sync started and ended after some time (some hours).


But after this first sync the source peer is stalled, it is not syncing anymore with other peers even if all other peers can sync together correctly. The source peer is correctly recognized, but it never starts to sync even if I add new file.


Your debug logs are too verbose, so I can send a 30MB of zip file by this forum.


I've tried to see something in the logs like the previous time I can find only a strange message related to the stalled peer:

<date and time> PD[<hex>] [<hex>] Failed to open TCP tunnel, endpoint:, status: "Impossibile stabilire la connessione. Rifiuto persistente del computer di destinazione. ", encryption: SRP, socket: 0x000000f1d4d8e1d0


I've not changed any config in this peer. I send you a little file with some of those messages.


Thank you

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