Bts Seems Unusable On Iphone

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Hi There.


I am having a nightmare with the bittorrent app for IOS. I don't tend to use it because it crashes a lot, but now I am finding a general pattern.


Firstly when launching the app, it takes a long time to show my sync folder, it shows a photos sync folder but the main sync takes a long time to show, even though it was synced on my LAN, when I reopen the app there is no folder.


Secondly when I want to share/move a file from say an email to bit torrent, it will allow me to access the first level of the sync folder if I try to select any folder after the first level, an immediate crash, this happens every single time, meaning that basically I cannot move any files in IOS to BTS.


Thirdly when trying to access folders within the sync folder generally its a 50% chance that it will simply crash.


I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling to no avail. I just cannot use bit torrent sync on IOS and thats making me a sad panda. Also why is there no sub forum for IOS but there is for Android?

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garethsnaim, thank you for reporting about it. We know about that crash and will fix it in future releases.


Regarding your first point Sync tries to index files and really there should be your folder, but Sync doesn't show it.


Regarding your question about forum do you mean this section?

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