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Hey! I have three computers, a to c, and 3 folders, 1-3, which I sync. I linked all devices in my devices. I have shared folder 1 and 2 as read and folder 3 as write on computer a. I want to connect 1 and 2 read only on b and c, and Folder 3 as write. When I connect folders, b and c I can not select read, only write. What is the problem? I have a pro license.


Regards Hans

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gamborg,if all three peers are linked to each other then they will have the same permissions.

You cannot set one device to read-write and other device to read only.

But if peers have different identities then you can change peer permissions.

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So you want to share folders 1 and 2 from a to b and c, right? For that you need to 
1) have b and c in Disconnected mode.

2) add folder 1 and 2 to Sync on a as "standard" (they will appear as dotted on b and c) 


After that go to folder 1 preferences in Sync, copy B-key, paste it to "Manual connection" field on b and c. Proceed.

Do same for folder 2. 


So folders 1 and 2 will be shared as RO to b and c

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