Problem Installing Btsync 2.2.2 On Raspberry


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I have some problem to use this deb:



Previously i was using the version from this thread:



Upon a 

 sudo dpkg -i ./bittorrent-sync-pi-server_2.2.2_armhf.deb

there was an error

pkg: error processing ./bittorrent-sync-pi-server_2.2.2_armhf.deb (--install): trying to overwrite '/etc/init.d/btsync', which is also in package btsync 2.0.0-2

bysynch won't start.


I have tried

sudo apt-get remove btsync

btsync won't start


I have tried (bad idea i lost all folder configuration....)

sudo aptitude purge btsyncsudo dpkg -i ./bittorrent-sync-pi-server_2.2.2_armhf.deb
But now i have:
sudo service btsync startCouldn't start BTSync (no /etc/btsync/config.json found)
Then again
sudo dpkg-reconfigure bittorrent-sync-pi-serverCouldn't start BTSync (no /etc/btsync/config.json found)
I create the file /etc/btsync/config.json using the output of
btsync  --dump-sample-config
sudo service btsync startStarting BTSync for pi
give no error but btsync won't start at all :(
Any help?
Is there a manual to install this .deb correclty? (may be i'm doing some mistake)
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Yes, that's what I did, too.

Just use the download and unzip it to get the executable.

If you want to execute sync at startup, you could create a cronjob.

Tip: There is a nice tool for scheduling tasks and cronjobs. It's called gnome-schedule.

You can get it from the standard sources, just use apt-get install and it runs fine on the pi.

Extract the download to /home/pi/programs/sync/

And add a job with the command: ./programs/sync/btsync

which is run at reboot.

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Guys let's not forget that there is a .deb package for the pi

There is also a blog post on it


If you want the latest binary: Do what mintwurm said. Install the .deb package and then download the ARM binary and replace the btsync binary in your installation folder with the new one.


It's also always good to take a look at to see how to setup the configuration file of BitTorrent Sync

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@Moe, interesting. I didn't know that there was a special build for the pi.


What is the difference between the "normal" sync build for ARM and this build for the pi ?

If you install the ARM version on a pi, are you going to run into trouble at some point ?

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Nothing special. It is the way it's packaged.

The .deb file has also the /etc/init.d/btsync script in it etc - You can take a look yourself if you want to.

It is the ARM binary packaged so it's "easier" for users to install.


I myself just took out the init script and have my own install/update/backup script on my Pi


But the .deb has the ARM package inside of it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello all,


I am also trying to update btsync. First of all I stopped the service through "sudo service btsync stop". I downloaded the newest version and tried to change the name of the older file to replace it with the newer one, but I can't change the name of the older file, I get a permission error. The permission should be 755.

Any Idea what can I try?


Thank you

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Who is the file owner? Try doing it from root name. Also note, that "btsync" package is unofficial one and simple binary replacement won't fully work here. I advise to read this post for more details. In general the topic where it stays is dedicated to the package you used.

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