Ios Document Provider Extension Not Working

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I'm trying to use the Bittorrent Sync document provider extension on iOS 9.0.2 with the at present latest version of the Bittorrent Sync iOS app and can't get it to work.


Sync does show up as a storage provider option but when I press it, I just get a blank white screen themed like the iOS app that says "Location", "Sync", "Done" in the dark grey header with blue lettering. It doesn't actually show any of my folders which I could use as storage targets.


Is this a known bug?

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It is working fine for me - Scanbot using the exact same method you described.

Do you have your phone linked to your identity or do you have shares added to the iOS Sync app that you can write to?


Also you are mixing things up: You tap on the lower left icon on an open scan in Scanbot (Workflows) -> then tap on "Share" -> and then you either "Save to Sync" or "Copy to Sync" in the two rows.

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Yes, the Phone is of course linked and I have multiple active folders that I can write to on this device.  I'm using BTsync Pro but I doubt that makes a difference.


I've managed to save a document in BTsync using the "Copy to Sync" function in the share action sheet you mentioned.


"Save to Sync" causes Bittorrent Sync to crash when I choose the destination folder.

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