[Solved] "unfortunately, Sync Has Stopped."

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BitTorrent, Inc. October 7, 2015

Dear Brandon, we treat crashes seriously. If you do not get a prompt response on a forum, please don't hesitate to send it directly to support using Help Center (



I look forward to being able to use this app :)

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replied in the ticket. Support was not able to receive your report, cause that 'Report" goes to developers, via Google, not to support. This is just another channel, and some misunderstanding. 

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Changed my review to 4 stars.


Support team ultimately created a custom repaired APK for my device. Says this fix (system library issue, S4 zoom) will not be included in the next update but I'd imagine the one after that will. Extremely nice of them to not make me wait. Also apparently they've removed the folder limit in the free version, that added a star.

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because of a minor camera app issue (for reading QR codes) and the fact that technically, the release version doesn't work.


Very happy with how things turned out.


If someone else has problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, comment here and I'll share a link to the APK of the fixed version. (This offer expires of course once the release app is updated.)


Thanks support/dev team for both expanding the capabilities of the free version to a useful level and for the excellent support.

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