Strange Behavior When Adding A New Peer

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I have a folder which was shared among 7 peers and working very well, using a mixture of 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 on Windows 7 and Windows 10.  I manually added a new Windows 10 peer by copying the R/W key.  Once it began syncing, I noticed that all of the files were coming "from" only one of the other peers, and as those files were received the client thought it needed to send the files to the rest of the peers.  (See the attached image.)  The first sync is about half-way done, and it has been like this the entire time.  I have even restarted the new peer.  The bad thing about this is that one of the peers which was not being used to receive files was actually on the same local network as the new peer -- this initial sync would have been much faster if the local peer was being used.


Another folder added to the same peer displays the same behavior (with fewer peers).


Shoudn't the files should be coming in from ALL of the other peers -- isn't using multiple peers to receive files what BitTorrent Sync is good at?  I'm confused... please help.


I'm using the free version of BitTorrent Sync.


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Update:  After the initial sync completed, I restarted the client.  It indicated that almost 400 files needed to be SENT to the peer that was used to receive the files, and almost 1400 files to all other peers.  Looking at one of the other peers shows that it needs to SEND the same number of files to the new peer.  However, none of the peers actually try to send anything.


If a new file is added to the new peer, the number of files to send increases by 1, but the new file is not sent to any peer.


I have uninstalled BitTorrent Sync, removed settings from AppData\Roaming, and removed the .sync folder.  Reinstalling 2.2.1, 2.2.2, or 2.2.4 results in the same status.  (almost 400 to send to one peer; almost 1400 to all others, but nothing transfers)

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I see a lot of messages like this in the log file:


[2015-10-08 08:26:36] MC[D25B] [b36B]: Local file MediaCreationToolx64.exe is older than remote t:1441724762/1441740044 ot:455/160 o:10F119013284D5E6286A5CDEE478519EA735BC59/107639F80167989E9B2827BF452EBB5215D932AC


The new peer has time sync configured in Windows like all the others do, by default.

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