Sync Of Large Photo/video Collection But Want To Share A Read Only Link With Relatives

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I have a really large collection of videos and audios that I share between three computers. 


This works fine, but there are times when I would like to share JUST one of the subfolders in this collection with a relative and I would like to share it with them in Read Only so they don't mess with my originals.


I've read a few threads on nested folders and it seems this is not possible at the time.   Is that correct?


If so, will this be available in the future?  


I would imagine this would be useful in a business environment even more so than in my home collection situation.   I've used other sync solutions like Wuala and they all have had this ability.  I didn't need to share an entire folder with strangers just because I had it shared with some of my computers.

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Technically you can share nested folder. But it's highly not advisable, since it may lead to some mess up. So if you need it badly, to share nested folder, it shall be the same type (standard or advanced) in same selective sync mode (off or on) as parent folder, and it will create additional load as all the changes made in that nested folder will be synced to your local systems as a part of parent folder.


So please watch it carefully. 

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